Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great comment by Jon Taplin

If you have been visiting this blog for a while and have yet to be turned on to Jon Taplin's blog (link on right), then you should go read it now, because it is a lot better than mine(but with fewer jokes). Taplin is a smart guy with an interesting background, including experience on Wall Street and in Hollywood. He is currently writing a book about the "interregnum", a point he sees America at currently, between the conservative government we've had since Reagan, and.....well, something else.

Anyway, I am stealing a quote from Taplin's blog today that is so sensible it needs no introduction or comment. Let's just say I agree:

Driving along I-15 east of Barstow, there are hundreds of thousands of acres of desert scrub land. It’s 105 degrees in the shade so nothing can grow but cactus and it’s too harsh for grazing cattle or sheep. The wind blows fiercely and it just seemed obvious that Obama should create the Southwest Desert Authority and erect a vast solar and wind farm. There are plenty of high tension electrical lines, there’s a rail line so the huge wind turbines could come in on freight cars and towns like Barstow which have been hit hard by the recession could become the center of the new clean power industry. There is in fact so much potential energy out there in the vast desert of the Southwest, that the only question is how to store it. If we are not spending millions working on this solution for storing energy, we’re really missing something.

Sometimes it is so easy to be brilliant.

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