Friday, May 29, 2009

A couple of sports things

1) We have a rematch of last years NHL finals. The Pens young stars look a bit more mature this year, and the Wings are a big banged up. I would like to believe this means the Pens have a chance, but the Wings just seem too damn calm and smart to lose. My neighbor Paul, who lives in Boulder but has Pens season tickets is hoping for a Karma thing, relating to Hossa leaving the Pens for the Wings.

2) On Wednesday, most of the US sports world cared mostly about the Nuggets-Lakers game. But Wednesday was a great day for sports, and that game was the worst game of 3 contests I watched that day. In the afternoon, Barcelona beat Man U 2-0 in a great football match, with Lionel Messi, the smallest guy on the field and best player in the world, scoring on a brilliant header. And here in Boulder, the Irish pub and the sports bar around the corner were both packed for the game. Then, the Wings and Black Hawks go to OT. Watch out for those Hawks next year. They can really skate.

3) LeBron James looks like the big kid in class kicking ass on the the NBA. This guy is a monster and seems to keep getting better. He's Micheal Jordan in George McGinness' body. Even Budd Bailey couldn't cover this guy!

4) If you haven't seen this amazing Fred Astaire golf video yet, enjoy. After watching it, I tried to find out what Fred's handicap was, and the info is inconclusive. One guy said 22, which is unlikely when you see this long smooth swing, another said he was a "low handicap". How come they don't make movies like this anymore?
Thanks to Kip for sending this.


Budd Bailey said...

LeBron is an uncrowned King until I guard him.

The man knows how to finish a fast break, though. I used to think James Worthy was the best ever at it, but now I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

you are the devil who talked me out of betting on barca. me thinks you are a closet yankee and man united fan

Budd Bailey said...

The Astaire video is pretty interesting. It sure looks like he's hitting the ball on a sound stage. But ... what happens to the ball after he hits it? Does it go into a curtain and disappear somehow?