Monday, September 29, 2008

That party on Wall Street

A couple months ago Bush was caught on video off-the-record saying Wall Street had a party and now they have a hangover. Last week one of my students asked why we had to suffer the hangover. My reply was that while w's analogy (would w understand that word?) was apt when he made it, now it is more like they had a party and puked all over the house we all live in, and we have the choice of cleaning it up or living in vomit.

This morning it strikes me that it is more like Wall Street came to a party at our house, puked all over, and set the house on fire.....and we damn well better get the fire out fast!

On a brighter note, the weather here in CO has been fantastic this September, the leaves are changing and it is beautiful, the Buffalo Bills are 4-0, the Yankees and Mets both missed the playoffs, the Cowboys lost at home yesterday..........heck, other than the destruction of the world economy, it's been a great month!!!

By the way, yesterday I was watching the Bills at The Lazy Dog, a sports bar managed by a Bills fan. During half-time there was a drawing for prizes. First prize was a Budwiser T-shirt. Second prize was an investment bank.

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