Sunday, July 6, 2008

$4 gas, $2 lettuce and bad public policy

The NY Times had an interesting article today about how everyone in the US had their heads up the asses regarding energy policy for the past 20 years. The one group it leaves out is Mr. and Mrs. Average American, who voted for the idiots who did nothing, and adopted an unsustainable lifestyle in which you are a loser with a small penis if you don't commute a long distance in a huge SUV.

One group of villains in the Times story is, no surprise, the US auto industry. No one should shed a tear for this group of short-sighted morons when they start declaring bankruptcy this fall. I am guessing that the former "Big 3" will all be in Chapter 11 within 12 months. They will blame high oil prices, just like they blamed foreign competition in the 80's for their problems. Here is the real problem: Detroit had been run by a bunch of myopic, in-bred morons for years! They try to use political influence to keep them afloat and cover up for the fact that US automakers are the least visionary, least technologically advanced, least innovative auto companies in the world. While the Europeans and Japanese were developing new automotive technologies, Detroit was giving us more cupholders. They have always preferred to sell big cars, because the margins are better, so their small cars are crap. And they have fought increases in fuel standards that, had they been instituted, might now be keeping them out of trouble. If any politician dares suggest spending your tax dollars to bail out these idiots, kick him or her in the crotch!!! Really hard!

Meanwhile, another story in the Times had me thinking about the cost of lettuce. The Feds and states have been cracking down on illegal aliens. Meanwhile the price of a head of romaine is up to $2 in my local King Soopers. Is there a connection? I am guessing yes, but I am going to spend some time seeing if there is any actual Economic research on the subject. If anyone sees anything, please pass it along.

All told, it seems to me we are responsible for causing a lot of our own pain!

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