Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A few cool things I discovered.

Got 200 channels and nothing on? Tired of "reality shows", even on TV Land, which was created originally to bring us classic TV? Then check out This site allows you to watch TV shows and movies online for free, with very limited commercials.

I first became aware of it a few months ago, and there was not much there to watch then. But a check back this week reveals classics like Mary Tyler Moore, the Bob Newhart Show, WKRP and others. And a lot more recent stuff too. If you never watched Arrested Development, a great show, you can do so here. They seem to be adding more stuff constantly......we can only hope that Taxi and Get Smart show up soon! The download is very good, and the picture is ok. Still, better than watching Steve Guttenberg on Dancing With the Stars.

Also, thanks to the Freakonomics blog, I discoved Indexed. I'm afraid I'm not a good enough writer to describe it, so just click the link. Very cool.

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Budd Bailey said...

You are right -- Indexed is very interesting but hard to describe. looks good too, but you need to fix the link.