Monday, May 5, 2008

A Case Where W. is Right....and other stuff

  1. I have never found much good to say about George W. Bush, other than that he's in good shape for his age. In fact, I am sure history will view him as one of the worst Presidents of all time. However, there is finally something we can agree on: Bush is trying to get Congress to cut the size of subsidies to farmers. Read here
  2. Are your local politicians trying to take your money and build a stadium? If so, click here for a detailed discussion of the value of stadium subsidies to taxpayers (hint: not good!).
  3. A few weeks ago, "Nova" on PBS did a show about the car of the future with Click and Clack, the Car Guys from NPR. I didn't see it then, but did watch it on line. Some very interesting stuff coming along, some of it not too far away. Watch it online here.
  4. Finally, I see that W. gave the commencement speach at a high school in Kansas that had been destroyed last year by a tornado. Haven't those poor kids suffered enough?
  5. Peter Forsberg has probably played his last game in the NHL. It is appropriate that on his last shift, he was clearly tripped by Johan Franzen, and there was no call. Forsberg spent his entire career being mugged by far less talented players, while the officials looked on and shrugged. He deserved better, and so do the fans who pay the NHL's exoribtant ticket prices. The league is again backpedaling on enforcing the rules, and I'm sure we will be back to wholesale clutching and grabbing next year.

That is all!

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