Monday, December 17, 2007

Buy this Book!!!

A few years ago, Budd Bailey told me he was working on a book with Rob Ray. I asked if that meant he was writing a book with Rob, or reading one to him. He promised to tell Mr. Ray, one of the NHL's all-time great "enforcers", of my question and where to find me.

Several years later, the book "Rayzor's Edge" is, or was, available. Actually, they sold out the first printing, despite failing to use the much more marketable title "Harry Potter Drops the Gloves". Hopefully, there will be a second, as I plan to read it on the plane to Buffalo this week, periodically shouting "Wow, what a great book!". Hopefully, that will prevent Mr. Ray from pulling my sweater over my head and pummeling me, and cause enough interest for a second printing.

By the way, this is Budd's second book, so he is now an author.

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Budd Bailey said...

Let's hope the flight is sold out.