Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where are the raging moderates?

A few years back I was having dinner with some auctioneers at the state convention, and politics came up. We had earlier been treated to a right-wing rant by a guy who runs a real estate auction company during one of the meeting sessions. One of t people who knew I also teach Econ asked what I thought about his opinions (he was repeating the bullshit about the Community Investment Act being responsible for the whole financial system problem) and I tried to be polite and said I think he missed a lot of the problem. This led to some discussion of that caused me to ask "Where are the raging moderates?", a line that drew a good laugh around the table.

Well, if ever we need some raging moderates, it is now. So, enjoy this Economix blog post by Harvard professor Edward Glaeser about the need for radical centrists.

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