Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maybe I'm an atheist because.....

I am watching game 7 of the Sabres-Flyers series as I write this, which reminds me of perhaps one reason that I have no god. Since th 70's, when the Flyers were the root of all evil in the NHL, they have played "God Bless America" (written by atheist Irving Berlin) before games. If there was a god he would have had nothing to do with that team, particularly the year they beat my Sabres in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Which brings up another question: How come atheists never knock on your door to spread the word? I am occasionally visited by some bible-toting fool who wants to enlighten me about his specific version of the Invisible Man in the Sky. But nobody has ever come around saying "Have you heard the good word? There is no God, so you are free to believe in logic and science. We are spreading the word so people will stop killing each other." I have a couple of weeks in May with not much to do. Anyone want to go door to door with me? And let's really make it fun and go to Colorado Springs.

And while I'm on the subject, if we can have a National Day of Prayer, how about a National Day of Thinking Rationally? A day where you are encouraged to put aside whatever you may believe and look at facts, reason and science to see if your beliefs have any bearing in reality. Congress in particular could use about a month of this!

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