Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I don't want to vote!

I have voted every year since I was 18. I even vote in the odd numbered years, when it is all local. Of course here in Colorado you have to, because the ballot is always full of crazy measures that have to be defeated (this year the wingnuts have put 3 things on the ballot that would destroy the state's ability to function). But, I the more advertising I watch, the less I want to vote for anyone.

The name calling, lies, half-truths and distortions in political advertising are criminal. But their not against the law. How can we allow this? Wheaties can't claim that they can cure cancer, but I can run for office and run ads saying my opponent caused it. What kind of supposedly moral society would choose it's leaders this way? And how can I expect anything but corruption from someone who would blatantly lie to get elected.

And we can thanks the Supreme Court for the worst offenders. Their decision earlier this year that said banning corporate campaign ads, or even requiring people running ads to be identified should entitle the 5 conservative justices who voted for it for a daily hard kick in the nads. Funny how allowing corporations to buy elections made conservatives realize that Americans have a right to free speech. And how does limiting ads keep anyone from speaking? Meanwhile, I am bombarded between every half-inning of the baseball playoffs with an ad run by one of Scumbag Karl Rove's attacks on Senator Bennett, in which not a single thing said is true. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING THING!!!!

I am far more pissed than the Tea Partiers. They are pissed, but at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. And the candidates they support are doing the same kind of lying, which should make you wonder how they are going to bring any increase in integrity to public office. I am pissed that important issues are being ignored, voters are being treated like idiots (and, I guess, voting that way), and none of the important problems in this country have any chance of being fixed before Bart Simpson graduates from college.

And will someone please tell me how the GOP will cut taxes and balance the budget while not cutting military spending, Medicare and Social Security, because the number just don't make a shred of sense!

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