Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Hockey Season

In the world of retail clothing, there are 2 seasons, Fall and Spring. In my world there are also 2 seasons, baseball and hockey. The symmetry is perfect. The baseball playoffs begin when the hockey season begins, and the hockey playoffs start when baseball does. Brilliant. Makes you almost believe there is a god.

Best of all, the Buffalo Sabres have dumped the awful sweaters they've been wearing for 14 years and returned to the classic buffalo and crossed swords design. And may other NHL teams have done the same.

Happy hockey season. Oh, and let's all root for the Reds to win the world series.


Budd Bailey said...

What do the Bills and the Reds have in common?

Neither had any hits in their last game.

Rick Perez said...

I have to agree, at least the Sabre's will be bearable to look at when the Av's beat em.