Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tom Friedman on the "Tea Kettle Movement"

Not much time to write lately, sorry.

The other day I was explaining to my class how the Tea Party movement is mostly based on ignorance, and that if they were in charge of the country we would be heading into Great Depression II. But Thomas Friedman has a great take on it in his NY Times column today. Here is a quote that sums it all up:

The issues that upset the Tea Kettle movement — debt and bloated government — are actually symptoms of our real problem, not causes. They are symptoms of a country in a state of incremental decline and losing its competitive edge, because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our Congress a forum for legalized bribery and our main lawmaking institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis.

These guys won't solve anything. In fact, it appears they think America was a better country 100 years ago. It wasn't. Workers had no rights, monopolists ruled the business world, the poor stayed poor and the rich stayed rich. OH, and the tax burden sat mostly on the poor. Great plan Tea Party.

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