Monday, September 27, 2010

More on the War on Drugs

I have written many times about the utter stupidity of our War on Drugs. It starts with the very idea of declaring war on an unspecified group of inanimate objects, the waste of money and human capital involved, and the violation it causes into the rights of individuals.

A few years back, Portugal decided to decriminalize drugs. Instead of a rise in drug use, there was a decline across the board, as well as a lower instance of AIDS in drug users. This news is based on a study conducted by the the Cato Institute. You can read the story about it in Time HERE.

Perhaps some day the old politicians who still think being "tough on drugs" is the only way to get elected will take their heads out of their asses.....or, at least die (apparently politicians never get so old they need to retire!). Meanwhile, our wasteful and destructive "war" continues.

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Anonymous said...

But laws like this are so profitable at the expense of the taxpaying citizenry!! What would all those poor families do without their legislated profits?? Think of their children!!