Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are the Climate Change Deniers Still Yaking?

If you are a Fox News watcher, you are probably now convinced that climate changed does not exist, which was proved by the fact that it was cold last winter, and that a few scientists sent some snarky emails to each other. That passes for science among the ignorant. Remember, a lot of these people also deny the facts of evolution.

Meanwhile, look at the weather going on around the world. Russia is aflame with fires caused by a heat wave never seen there before. Pakistan is under water. The facts are that extreme weather events are happening more frequently, just as the climate scientists models have predicted.

Looked on with the same un-scientific eye that the nutjob morons did the winter snows, the summer in Russia would be proof that global warming is going to kill us all soon, and reason to panic. In fact, both the winter cold and the Russian heat are just points of data to be entered into models with all much other data to determine what really is happening. To say a specific day proves or disproves a theory is like saying that Peyton Manning, after throwing his next interception, is a bad quarterback. Or, that because I parred a few holes in my first round of golf in 2 years, I am a good golfer. In both cases, a look at all the data would prove both those conclusions wrong.

What do scientists think of this summer of extremes? Read this NY Times story to find out.

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"To say a specific day proves or disproves a theory....both those conclusions wrong."