Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who is to blame for the Gulf oil spill? George W. Bush!

This story from the AP regarding the results of an investigation into the MMS, the agency that was supposed to be regulating drillers in the Gulf, makes clear the culture of corruption in the agency during the 8 years that the Bush Organized Crime Family was in the White House. I don't imagine anyone would be shocked that an administration of the oil industry, for the oil industry and payed for by the oil industry would, instead of overseeing the oil industry, enable it to ignore environmental hazards.

It will take this country a very long time to undo the damage done to this country in so many ways. Unfortunately, most Americans now blame Obama for the recession and the oil spill. I can't say he has handled all these problems brilliantly, but they were problems created by the worst President in this country's history, and the just plain evil Vice President who controlled him.

The real danger is that the GOP regains the power to continue their efforts do destroy our great country. The ultra-ignorant wing of the party is now in charge, and they are a far bigger threat to the future of America than any group of terrorists. I get really scared for this country when I see these idiots foaming at the mouth, spouting nonsense, ignorant of economics and history.

The Teabaggers on not much different from the yahoos who raged populist nonsense during the Great Depression. Yes, history often repeats itself, especially when people don't know enough about history to know what happened before.

A lot of my students like the film "Idiocracy", made a few years back by Mike Judge, the creator of "King of the Hill" and "Office Space". Watch it! Then tell me if it is not coming true!

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