Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex in The City

Kip and I decided to happy hour at a restaurant that happens to be very near Boulder's movie theater last night. Hoping to sit outside, I got there about 10 minutes before 5, a time at which you would expect to beat the happy hour crowd and get a nice seat. However, when I got there, the patio was already full. The seats were occupied by women, many overdressed for a Friday happy hour in Boulder, and many wearing expensive and uncomfortable looking shoes and drinking "cosmos". What was written on the chalk board outside the restaurant explained why: "Welcome Sex in the City".

Apparently the following of this horrible piece of crap TV show lives on. Many years ago, my friend Suzanne was visiting me, and said I had to watch this new show on HBO (I had HBO at the time because "The Sopranos" was on it.....turned off HBO every time a season of that show ended!). After 10 minutes of watching a bunch of rich successful women behave like bitchy high school girls, I had to leave the room. I would frankly rather have a vasectomy performed with a dull chain saw than watch another minuter of "Sex".

So, the question is: What would it take to get a heterosexual man to sit through the new "Sex" movie? It is almost 2 1/2 hours long, about an hour longer than a comedy should be. What kind of trouble would a guy have to be in with the wife to take her to see it? What would he have to be promised? I just can't imagine what it might take.

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