Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you didn't think health care is complex.....

One of the problems with fixing our health care system is that health care is so complex, and what individuals do has an effect on everyone else. As busy Americans, we want the problem solved in some nice little sound bite we can understand. Since that is not possible, we tend to believe any crazy thing we hear or are told, because, well, it just might kill us.

Which gets back to the sentence on the title of this post. If you don't think health care is complex, then you need to read THIS ECONOMIST'S TAKE ON MAMMOGRAMS!.

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Anonymous said...

As someone whose aggressively growing, but stage 1+ cancer was found by an abnormal test not for the type of cancer found, how does one measure risk/cost/beneift?

Since taxpayers' medical dollars pay for Viagra--as far as I know-is this mamography really the place to scrutinize?

Your loving sister, whom you nursed to good health after cancer surgery.