Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nobel Committee "havin' a laugh"

As everyone knows by now, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday. This has given the mouth-breathing morons like Rush more reason to hate him, since those Nobel guys are pussy Euros who don't understand that the US was granted the power by God to tell everyone else what to do, so of course they love Obama, who, as we all know, hates America and wants to surrender to Al Queda.

However, this has left even many supporters confused. The only thing he has done to deserve this award is NOT be George W. Bush. While not being Bush is something anyone should be proud of (unless they are named Rumsfeld, Cheney, or Rove), it hardly qualifies Obama for this award. He's only been in office for 9 months, and was only for 1 month when nominated. It is pretty hard to defend his winning this award.

So the question is: What were the Noble people thinking?

I have a theory. I don't know who these Nobel pickers are, but they have this image as a bunch of very serious people who gather to give out serious prizes. But what if they are instead a bunch of guys who read Dave Barry, watch football, and enjoy a good laugh. They decided that, without anyone really doing anything to further peace in the past year, why not give it to Obama and see if we can make Glenn Beck's head explode, and maybe Hannity's too. It would also explain that they usually give the literature prize to the most depressing book they can find. As the English would day, they're "havin' a laugh"!

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infogoddess said...

is came from a friend of mine

"Reasons Barack Obama deserved the Nobel Prize:

- Two days after taking office he reversed the government's use of specific methods of torture with prisoners.

- He signed an executive order closing the prison at Gitmo. (The fact that his operations people haven't yet managed to hand off all of Bush's "detainees" to other countries -- the US itself still refusing to take them -- aside.)

- His speech to the Islamic world, repudiating the not-incorrect perception so many of them had of the United States.

- His willingness to TALK to our adversaries, bringing North Korea -- who exploded a nuke under Bush -- back to the table, and now we have Iran actively engaged in negotiations with a recently stated promise to allow inspectors. Because we talked to them and didn't snarl.

- Dramatically improved relations with Russia, and a reversal of the intent to put interceptor missiles in Europe.

- His military commitment to fighting pirates off Somalia, and encouraging other countries to contribute to the presence.

- The drawing down of troops in Iraq and recommitment to making decisions on Afghanistan.

- A significant change in foreign policy.

- A sea change in world opinion of the United States as a direct result of his presidency and action, thereby making the world safer through a lack of confrontation. (Not to mention it being safer and more pleasant for Americans to travel abroad these days. No more rehearsing the phrase "Je suis Canadien" before leaving.)

- Improved relations with South America -- even your buddy Hugo has said nice things.

- The multitude of things he did as a Senator as well as prior to that working with inner city kids to make their lives better"