Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yanks, Mets in Fix over Unsold Tix

I'm guessing the above title is the headline the NY Post would run, if it was their story, and not the NY Times story about the Yankees and Mets having trouble selling their outrageously expensive premium seats. The story says about 5k tickets have gone unsold in the 2 parks for all the games since Opening Day.

From an economic standpoint, the story is interesting in that it states that fans are selling their tickets on internet sites for well below face value. This does not bode well for the NY teams, and teams around the country. I have written about this before, and I await the realization in professional sports that a ticket isn't worth $150 just because the team printed that number on it.

Here in Colorado, the Rockies have been on the road since their opening weekend, and have been busy sucking while away. That means they will again be playing in front of a sea of unused green plastic seats. Based on the way the Rockies run their franchise, we can be sure they will be the last team in the major leagues to come up with a creative approach to filling those seats.

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