Monday, April 20, 2009

Some enlightened talk about drugs on 4/20

President Obama had already started to change some of the extremely stupid but easy to fix policies of the Bush administration that drove me nuts. He is loosening restrictions on Cuba (but needs to go farther), and moved to put science above politics in government decisions. He has even backed off the raids on medical marijuana providers.

So, on "National Canibus Day", let's hope he puts some thought into undoing the wasteful and stupid policies of our country in general: The War on Drugs. Obama doesn't seem much interested in expending his political capital on this issue, but more and more people, from the political left, right and center, are calling for a re-thinking of our costly war on drugs.

In an interview in The Daily Beast today, former Columbian President Cesar Gavaria calls for the US to decriminalize drugs. It is demand for drugs from the US that has caused problems thoughout the Americas, and making drugs illegal just imprisons a lot of people without curing the problem.

That's sensible stuff. If you believe that it is difficult to get drugs because they are illegal, ask a college student, or even a high school student, how hard it is. This was has been sapping our money and law enforcement resources for far too long.

I know. I've said this before. But it can't be said too many times. And I won't stop writing about things that are stupid until we stop being stupid.

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