Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some vision on energy.

Here in America we are getting real visionary thinking during this election season regarding energy policy......and by that, I mean the kind of vision you can only have by sticking your head up your ass and looking backwards! Thomas Friedman is writes today from Denmark, where they have been looking the other direction.

We are addicted to oil, and more drilling will just bring false hope, more pollution, and lengthen the time until we come up with new ways to power our lives. And, by the time that oil goes to market, we can be driving cars that move by other means. But the Republicans are counting on Americans to be ignorant enough to think that drilling will make their SUV's affordable again. And why not: Republicans have depended on us to be stupid for years, and it has worked really well for them. And Obama is now taking the bait himself. We can forget about getting an energy policy that makes sense anytime soon.

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