Friday, August 29, 2008


Usually I would rather visit the dentist than listen to politicians speak. But Obama's speech last night has to rank with one of the great speeches in US History, at least in style. Certainly the fact that he is a great speaker doesn't mean he would be a great Prez, anymore then the fact that w is a horrible speaker is what made him a complete failure as Prez. But, if I were McCain watching that last night, I would be filling my shorts over the idea of having to share a stage in a debate with that guy.

To me, the most interesting thing were the crowd shots, and particularly the black people in the crowd. The looks of pride and joy, and the tears, particularly from older blacks who were alive 45 years ago when MLK made his great speech, and are now seeing Dr. King's dream coming true. It should make us all proud of the progress we've made in this country in 45 years. Sure, race relations aren't perfect, but look where we are now. Truly historic!

I know a few of you who read this blog where in the crowd. Please leave your comments, or email me them and I will post them.

Oh, and one more thing: Michelle Obama will be the hottest first lady ever!


Budd Bailey said...

You young people just don't remember how beautiful Dolly Madison was.

Hello, Dolly!

Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

....not to mention her delicious pastries!

Anonymous said...

i must say that i completley disagree with Michelle being "the hottest first lady ever" Though the pickings are slim, among first ladies id have to agree with your friend Budd there. Plus, I dont know, its something about that ominous curve of devience in her eye brow, but i dont trust the lady. I would have to agree with John Stewerts assesesment of Michelle Obamas charchtter as being "a bit on the plotting side"

~Jaimie Drotar (TR 1pm class)

Josh Warner said...
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Josh Warner said...

Regardless what candidate people side with, having a black man accept the presidential nomination for the first time in history is colossal. I just turned 19 and for the first time I am actually thinking about the bigger picture as far as our economy, the war in Iraq and the other important topics concerning the upcoming election.
For the first time I can see our generation getting involved, preparing to vote and evaluating personal values and applying them to the political race. And if one things for damn sure, its that the majority of my friends are more accepting of Obama's views because hes sincere, young, ambitious and he has made a great effort to reach out to the youth and give us a voice.
The speech was also both noble and inspiring, which is why on an emotional level I think so many Americans could relate.