Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Has the Journal become Fox News Bizpaper?

I've been reading the Wall Street Journal for about 35 years now. I have always considered it an outstanding paper, certainly the standard in business news. It's editorial page is run by right-wing crazies, who have supported every idiotic policy of Bush, and rationalized every Bush lie, incompetence and corruption. But that was on the editorial page, where it belongs. The rest of the paper was a bastion of excellent and fair journalism with no political agenda.

That was before Ruppert Murdoch took over. In recent weeks I have noticed the front page seems a likely spot for stories of political corruption only if the story involves Democrats. Today's front page has a story about the indictment a real estate developer with some small connection to Bill Clinton. Pretty small potatoes story compared to what is on page 3, and page 1 of every other paper in the country. That, of course, is that an investigation concludes that the Bush Administration has politicized the hiring or civil service jobs in the Justice Department, which is illegal. Hmmmmmm. Oh, and a few weeks ago when the Senate released it's report stating that the Bushies had intentionally mislead us leading up to the Iraq war, the story did not make the paper at all (ok, maybe that wasn't news, since we all know by now that is what happened).

It's becoming clear that Murdoch plans to make the Journal as fair and balanced as his Fox News channel....and by the way, Fox calling itself "fair and balanced" is why I call my 5'6", 185lb self "tall and thin". As if giving career liar, scumbag and criminal Karl Rove, a man who has done more to destroy this country than Osama Bin Laden could ever dream of, a weekly column wasn't bad enough! Now, the crazies are running the whole show.

My 35 years as a Journal subscriber comes to a close this year. I'll still read the paper, on line, for free at at school. But I'm not giving that bastard Murdoch any of my money!

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