Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great George Carlin!!!!!!

I just came home and turned on my computer to find out about the death of one of my comedy heroes, the Great George Carlin. I won't write a tribute....they'll be everywhere...other than to say that he was without a doubt the greatest stand-up comedian EVER! A brilliant and sick man, or maybe brilliantly sick. Either way, he could make you laugh and feel smart for doing it. And if you meet anyone between 65 and 40 who doesn't know what the "7 words you can't say on TV" are, don't bother with them, they must be complete geeks!

Those who know me well know I dabble in the art of comedy. But, I've never done stand-up, and I have Carlin to thank for that. I always figured I could never be as good as he was, so I'd do other things.

Thanks for living George!


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