Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Castro, same old stuff

I guess Cuba's athletes don't think much change it going to occur under Raul Castro. Seven members of the Cuban Under-23 soccer team, playing in an Olympic qualification tourney in Tampa, defected from the team yesterday. That leaves the Cuban team with only 11 players for the next 2 games, one of whom is suspended for a red card. That's going to make it pretty tough for them.

While we always love these defections because they reinforce the superiority of our way of life, this is not great news for US soccer fans, as he US played Cuba to a tie earlier in the week, but now Cuba is almost certain to lose their last 2 games, making it harder for the US to advance to the next round. All 6 of us American soccer fans are concerned.

Meanwhile, there is no news of new American super models defecting to Cuba.

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