Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greeting from Tucson

Just spent a few days in Tucson with my 3 best friends from college, for some golf, baseball and camaraderie. I'd never been there before. Some observations:

  • There is what appears to be a military aircraft grave yard in Tucson that is enormous. We drove past it on the way to play golf on Easter Sunday (and we arose from the dead a bit too early that morning to play!). We are talking about several square miles of old, decommissioned planes of all sizes. Why? There can't be any value to keeping them there. The value of the scrap metal, at today's commodity prices has to be billions.
  • If you've never been to a Spring training baseball game, GO! The stadiums are small, the weather great, the people always happy and friendly. We caught 2 games in Tucson, and the 2 different parks there, Hy Corbett, where the Rockies play, and Tucson Electric where the D-backs and White Sox play. Sat close, enjoyed baseball, sun and beer. Makes you realize even George W. Bush can't ruin everything in this country.
  • Saw Giants reserve outfielder hit one of the longest home runs I've ever seen in person, a shot to dead center off Micah Owings that cleared a 40 foot wall in dead center, over the 405 mark. That ball should have had a stewardess!
  • Sign at the first tee at the golf course in Tucson: “Beware of snakes and other poisonous reptiles”. What, the tarantulas are OK?
  • Golf, by the way, is the stupidest game ever invented!
  • I strongly recommend Tucson Greyhound Park to anyone visiting the area. Certainly NOT touristy! In fact, there were more dogs then people there, and you can get a burrito made from the loser of the previous race.
  • Finally, my friends and I laughed ourselves sick over a list of unusual sex acts we found on the internet after I mentioned the term "Cleveland Steamer" ( DON'T look it up!). Haven't laughed that hard in years. 4 guys in their fifties giggling like 8 year olds at this list of horribly disgusting things we found on the internet (thanks I-Phone!). And if anyone has ever had a "blumpkin" I would like to hear about it.Always great to hang out with the boys!


ClaireWalter said...

What! You and your buds spent time guffawing over Internet sex stuff but didn't visit the Sonora Desert Museum? I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

BTW, was that aircraft graveyard the place they are mothballing, so to speak, airplanes -- or was it the Pima Air & Space Museum, which is also down there someplace.

Claire @

ClaireWalter said...

P.S. After I posted the above, I looked around the Internet a bit and found a pic of that aircraft graveyard, which is nicknamed the Boneyard, at . Turns out it's next to the Pima Air & Space Museum.