Sunday, October 16, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football Singing Competition?

This idea came to me this morning while reading Sports Illustrated in......well, you know where.

ESPN has dumped Hank Williams Jr's football song, and needs a new one. And the NBA seems to be ready to dump their season, leaving a big hole in the ESPN schedule for the winter. The solution to both these problems is obvious: an "American Idol" type of show, where people around the country write their own MNF song and audition it, and the fans can vote for the winner. In fact, this seems so obvious that there must be someone in the Disney Co. who has pitched this to management. If not, then I await your check, ESPN!

And I'm thinking they should bring back Keith Olberman to be the mean judge, and of course Chris Berman. And the third judge would have to be some bimbo female pop star who knows nothing of football.

I'm not saying I'd watch this show. In fact, unless they hire me to produce it or be a judge, I wouldn't. In fact, I wouldn't watch if I were a judge either, because I hate seeing myself on video, as it turns out I am neither as tall or as thin as I think I am, and I don't sound the same as I do in my head either. But the mere fact that I would be watching hockey while this is on means it would be a ratings hit.

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