Monday, September 12, 2011

Some people never learn!

The Boulder History Museum has asked me to be the MC for their fundraiser again this year. Since it is only 2 weeks away I can only assume they spent the last 50 weeks trying to find someone better, but were unsuccessful. If you live in or around Boulder, please think about going. They have a history scavenger hunt, and it is great fun. You can get details HERE.

And while I'm pluggin my gigs, I'll be doing murder mysteries at the Boulderado again this fall. Murder is set in 1959, and I get to play a director of bad of them was called "The Ticklish Economist". You get amused, fed, and even get valet parking for $68. Might even have someone die in your lap. Details are HERE

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Frozen nannerbeans said...

Yeeehaw! I know that you will have a swell time! The BHM was building their courage to ask you back for at least 2 of those 50 weeks!