Monday, June 6, 2011

I Agree With a WSJ Opinion!

The WSJ Opinion page is usually so off the tracks crazy to the right (they employ the criminal Karl Rove for one thing) that it precludes any need for the paper to have a comics section. However, today Mary Anastasia O'Grady brings a rare light of sanity to the page with this piece comparing the end of Prohibition with the call last week by many important people to end the moronic War on Drugs as we know it. Read it.

Best quote is this quote about the border with Mexico:
The border is unfriendly not because of too few fences, drones or soldiers, but because American drug habits finance the traffickers. "These dollars, and nothing else," writes Mr. Codevilla, "are responsible for the near collapse of law and order south of the border and for the insufficiently publicized corruption on the northern side."

How about we use market forces to curb our drug use, you know, like we did with tobacco. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, educate, provide treatment. Can't work any worse than what we have been doing!

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