Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting Business Problem

Next week the first round of March Madness comes to Denver. 8 teams will be playing games here on Thursday, and the winners play on Saturday. As I was pointing out to Banjo Billy today, thousands of fans will be traveling to Denver on short notice for Thursday's games, and some staying for Saturday. That means a lot of people in town on Friday with nothing to do, and we happen to do tours in Denver that tourists just love.

So, here's the problem: How do we get the word out to the fans of those 8 teams that are coming to town in the time between when they are announced on Sunday night, and they have time on their hands on Friday? I have a few ideas, but if any of my brilliant young former Econ students who are now studying business would like to show of their genius, I'd love to hear from them.....or anyone else.

Let's see who has the best idea.

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Budd Bailey said...

Is the newspaper doing a special section for the games? (Buffalo paper always does one.) A little ad there seems like it would hit the right audience.