Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Onion on TV

In case you have been living in a cave, there is a humerous newspaper that comes out every week called The Onion. They also have a pretty funny web site.

The paper generally has very funny headlines (Man from future: "Everyone is eating Dippin Dots"), but the articles that followed tended to run out of funny after the first paragraph.

In the past month, The Onion has debutted 2 new TV shows. Tuesdays on Comedy Central, you can catch their parody of Sportscenter called "SportDome". On Fridays on IFC, get a half-hour report from the Onion News Network, a send-up of CNN.

I am a bit surprised but very pleased to say that, from what I have seen, this is good stuff. They are not afraid to be outrageous, with features like "Who would you kill", or the sports shows running coverage one week of a boxing match where everyone was hoping for the big story, which would be the death of one of the fighters. Maybe that doesn't sound funny here, but they pulled it off. I was afraid the news show would look like a Daily Show rip-off, but it has it's own voice.

So, kudos for the Onion for coming up with 2 very witty shows. Let's hope they can keep up the good satire.


Charles said...

Were you previously aware of their super-high quality internet video reporting?

My personal favorite:,14309/

Unfortunately, since I don't have cable or satellite, I will have some trouble viewing the new TV shows. Unless I download them illegally. Which I probably will...

why does Costco only sell green bananas? said...

The public radio show, "This American Life" airing this week is a slight re-work of a show which aired in Feb 2008. The second segment is about The Onion staff going through their headline selection process.

"Act One. Make 'em Laff: Host Ira Glass spends time in perhaps the toughest room on earth, the editorial meeting at the satirical newspaper, The Onion, where there's one laugh for every 100 jokes. (17 minutes)"

You can hear the archived story at this link:

This week's version will be available on the radio show's website on Sunday evening.