Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Many Starbucks?

I was reading Barry Ritholtz's blog "The Big Picture" today, and he spoke of a discussion another blog, call kottke.org, was having about how many Starbuck's are within 5 miles of your location. So, Ritholtz entered his address in the Starbucks locator and number came up an amazing 215. That is not an misprint. Of course, he lives in Manhattan. I live on the outer edge of Boulder, a town of 103k. My total was 13. How many near you? Leave a comment.

Brings to mind the classic film "Best in Show", where the yuppie couple met at Starbucks.....but not the same Starbucks, they were at 2 different ones across the street when their eyes met.


Budd Bailey said...

A mere six in the Buffalo area. We're underserved.

infogoddess said...

alas no Starbucks within 50 miles of lovely Yeongyang

Adam Bourg said...

6 within 5 miles.