Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Robert McNamera and "The Fog of War"

Robert McNamera passed away the other day. He was largley responsible for the failed US war effort in North Viet Nam, a failure that haunted him his entire life.

Back in 2003, McNamera made a documentary film with Errol Morris called "The Fog of War", during which he ticked off 11 lessons to be learned from the war. Coming out as it did just after the war in Iraq began, it was quite awful to watch, as it became obvious that the lesson he had learned had not reached the Bushies who started and screwed up the war in Iraq. You can read the text of the interview that comprised the movie HERE, or put it on your Netflix list and watch it. Great film.

McNamera screwed up big-time, and the deaths and destruction he caused haunted him the rest of his life. At least he had a conscience about it, and the brains and courage to admit he was wrong. I doubt we will ever see the same sort of contrition from any of the Bushies, since they are still sure they did everything right. And, of course they did, which is why the world is in such a peaceful and prosperous state now.

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