Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Things

Just a couple thoughts about stuff going on in the world:

  • The debt crisis has worked it's way into the sports world. It appears that many sports facilities were financed with bonds thru the auction market, which now has frozen. This means the costs for municipalities whose taxpayers got hoodwinked into spending their money to help out the rich guys who own the team are going to end up paying more than they thought. Hope they enjoy the games when their garbage isn't collected. Meanwhile, owners are also suffering, as they are also being forced to pay higher rates on debt incurred for their portion of the stadiums. This appears to be leading to a labor crisis in the NFL. Check out Sportsbiz or The Sportseconomist for more on this.
  • Will Mugabe leave office peacefully in Zimbabwe, or will there be a civil war. Africa has very few instances of a dictator leaving peacefully.
  • Yankees lose their first of the season! This is the great thing about hating the Yankees.....even if they have a great year, I am happy 60 times.

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Mark said...

nks for the link. By the way, did you happen to see Becks scored his first MLS goal last night? Good shot on a beautiful pass on a play initiated by Lando. Those two really do work together well on an awful team.