Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another step backwards for America!

There is a story in today’s Denver Post about a guy who dropped his lawsuit against the family of a 17 year old he hit with his car and killed while driving 100 mph. Apparently, the kid's head and bike trashed his Audi, and he was trying to recover the money to fix his car from their settlement from his insurance company. Sound crazy? Here’s the even crazier part: this happened in Spain, not the US.

Come on America! Our standing in the world has been diminished by the actions of our idiot President, but surely we are not going to give up our spot as the world leaders in ridiculous lawsuits! We can’t push the world around in basketball, women’s soccer, or war anymore……are we going to give up litigiousness too? Go out and sue someone. It’s your patriotic duty!

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